Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Danger on the Solway

From the quayside of Kirkcudbright we took the ebb tide back down the River Dee to Kirkcudbright Bay.

We passed the Gallovidian III which is the Range Boat for the Dundrennan firing range sea danger area that extends for 24x33km along the Solway coast to the SE of Kirkcudbright. Telephone contacts for the range are: 0141 224 8501 (Range Officer) or 0141 224 8502 (Guard House).

The channel was well marked by buoys and as you can see we were well assisted by the tide which runs at 3.5knots at springs.

We were soon approaching Little Ross island again.

We aimed for the narrow Sound which separates the island from the mainland. You can get a fun little race here on the ebb particularly when there is a SW wind.

Today all was calm as we swung to the west round the reefs of Fox Craig.


  1. I quite often look at the photos on your posts. They are always great. I just wondered why you called this post 'Danger on the solway'. I read the post, but did not pick up on the 'danger'.

  2. Hello Doreen, it's good to hear from you. I was being very obtuse. The military firing range is marked "Danger" on the charts and the Gallovidian patrol boat keeps all water users away when the range is in use. They fire depleted uranium shells out to sea. A kayak would not stand a chance!