Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Snowy Glasgow

We had a little more snow in Glasgow yesterday, we have had snow in the garden since Friday 26th November.

It took over 4 hours to get home from work yesterday. My wife abandoned her car but I picked her up and was mighty glad to get the car home. A rear wheel drive automatic is not the best on snow but winter tyres made all the difference.

We were lucky some people had to spend the night in snow bound traffic jams as the country ground to a halt.

I hope it thaws enough to go paddling at the weekend! We are lucky having the Gulf Stream to paddle through the winter. I would hate to only have pool sessions for  a winter kayaking fix.


  1. DOUG

    Just passing thru looking for Xmas ideas (e.g. GPS maybe)
    for my Kayaking son who launches his 17 ft into Lake Ontario "at" Toronto.

    Love your photos and energy level
    Lots of work. (I had a Web Site in the early days (1996).You wrote your own code in those days.)

    You have a lovely home too.
    Here in Ottawa we clad mid-range houses in aluminium or vinyl siding. I re-roofed this year and am waiting to see if we get the 2 ft of snow forecast for this Sunday AND whether I need more insulation on the North Side (it catches a lot of drift on the garage's 1 story roof.)

    I'm Too Old to Windsurf These days
    So I watch the Boardseekers.com videos as they take to the air off Troon.

    Maybe next week I'll shoot a little pool with a buddy from Aberdeen AND visit a wonderful retired WWII fighter pilot who flew Spits out of Sumburgh.

    Seasons Greetings,

    PS:If I win a Lotto, I may make "First Foot".

  2. Greetings from Scotland! I also started a web site in the mid '90's with notepad and ws-ftp.

    I have not windsurfed since June 2009 when I dislocated my knee, but I hope to start next spring again.

    Good luck with that Lotto :o)