Monday, December 06, 2010

Mad dogs and seakayakers smitten by the cold in the Tan.

Rounding Gull point at the south of Little Cumbrae island we now faced a 10km paddle into a cold NE breeze. The big chill had begun!

We sought some shelter by taking the inside passage between Little Cumbrae and Castle Island.

I wonder if a committee chose the name of this little and if so how many times they met?

Tony said hello to the caretaker's friendly but barking mad little dogs...

...before we set off across the Tan again. Great Cumbrae's largest settlement, Millport, nestles round the north side of the Tan.

HMS Smiter, an Archer class RN patrol boat, sped past us. She belongs to the Univerities' Royal Naval Unit of Glasgow. We carried on at a steady 6km/hr.


  1. No one can tell me the weather is not getting shagged up. Cold in Scotland, snow and winter in England yet here we're paddling in September weather.

    We'll get ours too though. I'll put another set of woolies on and be blissfully on my way in the cold.

    Tony :-)

  2. Hi Tony, the weather pattern sure has changed here. The Scottish transport minister has had to resign. He could not control the elements!