Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sea kayaking in search of the lost Ark.

Loch Long runs very straight and it is also very deep. It  has some of the finest deep water jetties in the World. From north of Ardgartan we could see a VLCC* berthed at the Finnart oil terminal some 9km away. But this was not what we were looking for.

We continued paddling down Loch Long under the high peaks of of Argyll...

...round which the mists still clung.

The NW shore of Loch Long is remote from tarmac roads and being in a sheltered location...
...the forests still had some autumn leaves for colour. We were enjoying the natural beauty of the loch when...

...Jim thought he spotted something ahead.

Ever so slowly...
...a strange shape materialised out of the glare of the low winter sun. We had found what we were looking for!

*VLCC: very large crude carrier!


  1. Jim (Orange boat) appears to be sitting pretty low in the water.

  2. Hello Peter, Jim was carrying a lot of safety gear. On camping trips he floats even lower.

  3. Ooh, now I'm intrigued!
    You have the most amazing scenery in your neck of the woods. Some lovely photography, thanks for sharing with us

  4. Thank you Andy, we are so lucky in having such a variety of scenery.