Saturday, September 18, 2010

A sack of logs and a space for the Brownie.

Fortunately when the sun went down, the temperature dropped like a stone and the midges disappeared.

Gradually the light faded until...

...there was only a red glow behind the Paps of Jura.

We sat round a fire of crackling logs, leaving a space for the Brownie. It was just as well we had picked up a sack of logs at a petrol station on the way up as there was little driftwood on the beach.

Phil and I enjoyed a dram of the 18y old Caol Ila whisky and we swapped tales till the sky grew dark and the embers faded.


  1. Thats funny, i spotted several brownies washed up on the beach last week!

  2. Ahah! You're from Ayrshire then!

  3. aaah the costa del clyde.. In can almost smell the fragrant bouquet from the indigenous banana plantation!