Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Mountain Minstrel of Loch Fyne!

We stuck to the west shore of Loch Fyne and David whistled some wind up.

The Flat Earth kayak sails strained to the wind and our ears also strained as...

...David burst into spontaneous song, which echoed round the hills!

Near the settlement of Kenmore we came across a monument standing on the rocks that form the shore here.

It is to commemorate local Gaelic poet, Evan McColl, who was born here at Kenmore in 1808. He died in 1898 and this monument was unveiled in 1930 by the Duke of Argyll. He was the author of "Clarsach nam Beann" - the Mountain Minstrel.

So is David is the modern day mountain minstrel?


  1. As an occasional (long-term) resident of Loch Fyne and also a keen kayaker its lovely to see the Loch and Inveraray from another perspective.
    You certainly had the weather for it. And thanks for the background information on the skiffs. How do you remember all the info - do you take notes when in your boat?

  2. Hi Douglas

    fantastic set of pictures. I love following your blog. you have an artistic way of looking our beautiful country. thank you.

  3. Hello Anon, my great grandmother was born in Cumlodden so I do have an interest in the area! My camera is basically my notetakes and I can link the position of each photo by keeping it synchronised with my GPS unit.

    Thanks Alan, we must get out again soon!


  4. Douglas, I see that you are very keen on that sail :-)
    Your review in Ocean Paddler Magazine is outstanding.
    I have been given the opportunity to sail with Flat Earth sails on a recent 2 week trip and discovered how much better they are than my old sail.
    There is even a little movie I made at: http://gnarlydognews.blogspot.com/2010/09/review-flat-earth-sailsa-year-later.html

  5. Hello Gnarly that's a great movie!