Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nae man can tether Time nor Tide...

The bar in the Dunure Inn was indeed open... we decided to see in the New Year with a glass or so of frothing blackcurrant juice, which is very good for you.

"My, that was awfie tasty for a health drink, I think I'll have another! "

As they say in Ayrshire, "Nae man can tether Time nor Tide" so we left the warmth of the inn in exchange for the cold, grey, dying hours of New Year's Day. From the comfort of the pub, the sea had looked pretty flat...

...but Yikes! The entrance to Dunure harbour is never easy. It was difficult to distinguish the steep, white flecked waves crowding the mouth from the steep, snow covered ridges of the distant mountains. We dug our paddles deep, thankful for the steadying effects of that wonderful blackcurrant juice.

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