Monday, June 14, 2010

Arrival in Oban

A rumble of engines coming down the Sound roused us from our reverie in the Tolkienesque landscape of Lorn. It was the MV Isle of Mull, en route from Oban to Scalasaig on Colonsay.

We were soon back on the water and Jim B got some edging practice in...

...below the grounds of Gallanach House.

It was not long before we were approaching the north end of the island of Kerrera.

We then turned a corner and there we were, right in the midst of the hubbub of Oban harbour, round which the town nestles below McCaig's Folly, which is perched on the hill above.


  1. Douglas,
    What a wonderful trip to reminisce about a loved friend. It's great that you were all able to share in such a memorable time.

    Too often we go through life, expecting that everything will be there for the 'next time,' yet we never really know what the next moment has in store.

    Remembering this trip and your dear friend is a wonderful way to keep all his life lessons alive, for yourselves and his loved ones. The photos and the blog are a wonderful way to remind everyone of the greatness and power of true friendship.

    Dawn :)

  2. Dawn, thank you so much for your condiderate words. Jim's mother is a regular reader of these pages, I am sure she will have appreciated your thoughtfulness.

  3. Douglas, Dawn's thoughts and all the kind words that others have shared on this site have been much appreciated.

  4. Meg it is so good to hear from you. After Jim died, I had put the photos of this trip away because it was the last time I paddled with him and it hurt too much to look at them. However, I am now so enjoying reliving that last day on the water with Jim. He was a great friend.