Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The road to Loch Buie.

At first it seemed a real drag (literally) to have to portage the kayaks round a rocky headland to reach the sands of Loch Buie. I had to tackle each slight slope backwards because of my knee injury.

Then we caught sight of the sea.

The perfect peace of the scene was broken only by the white foam of the waves which were breaking along the long crescent of sand on Traigh Bhan Lagain.

We stood for some time under the slopes of Beinn nam Gobhar (435m). We were just enjoying...

...the beauty and tranquility of the scene.

Without doubt, this was the finest approach to a sea kayaking launch spot that we had ever made.


  1. Douglas,
    I finally got the opportunity to get on to read more of your blog. It seems to be doing well at keeping you occupied and in touch with kayaking while you're healing.

    I hope that you're recovery is going better than anticipated. Although being ill is a downer, it does give you the opportunity to see things in a new light and appreciate them more.

    I've been using my "good days" to get things done, since the weather has changed so dramatically. Less than 2 months ago, we were pounded with two Nor'Easter storms that piled 4 feet of snow onto our existing snow (in less than a week), and we were experiencing blizzard conditions. Today it's 87*F (31*C) and a nice breeze. It doesn't take long to get us from snow suits to swimsuits here. LOL We're never without interesting weather here, in the NE! :)

    Take care and heal well! Give my love to your family.

    Dawn :)

  2. Thank you Dawn, I hope this finds you well. It has been a bit harder than I was expecting, I can stand pain but this took me by surprise, it will be a long haul.

    Phil was sorry to have missed this trip to Mull but he got along on some other crackers!