Friday, April 02, 2010

Loch Spelve and its mysterious pier.

We paddled west into Loch Spelve and passed the few scattered houses at Croggan before arriving at...

...Croggan pier. I have no idea why such a large pier would have been built in such a remote spot. In the distance on the Scottish mainland, Ben Cruachan looked magnificent.

We were now heading towards the SW corner of Loch Spelve, a beautiful and remote environment.

The contrast between the open crossing of the Firth of Lorn and the mountains gathering round the head of Loch Spelve could not have been greater.


  1. Hello Douglas,

    According to Olive Brown and Jean Whittaker in "Walking in South Mull & Iona", MacBrayne steamers once made a scheduled stop at Croggan Pier. The pier was completed in 1896. They don't say which route the steamers were on unfortunately or why Croggan was chosen as a stopping point.


  2. Thanks Andrea, maybe the pier was built before the road? Even so, I am surprised by the size of the pier given the small size of the houses and the village. If there had been substantial Victorian villas I could have understood it better. A friend who lives and works in Loch Spelve does not know either but is going to try and find out.