Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Loch Spelve welcoming committee.

After our refreshments, we paddled the short distance to the narrow entrance to Loch Spelve. It was 11.18 and slack water was at 11.45. There was hardly a ripple in the channel and we proceeded unhindered by the tide.

Tidal streams at Loch Spelve entrance run at 3.5-4 knots springs with strong eddies and overfalls.
Ingoing -0530 HW Oban
Outgoing +0015 HW Oban

As we proceeded through the confines of the entrance, a fantastic vista of sky, mountain and loch opened beyond.

We passed evidence of abandoned settlements everywhere. The view was dominated by the steep slopes of Creach Beinn, 698m, behind which, we had watched the sun setting only 3 days before.

No sooner had we entered Loch Spelve than the welcoming committee swam out to greet us. Although the human inhabitants had long gone...

...this fine fellow of an otter swam right up to us, bold as brass! Jim was ever so pleased, he had not seen an otter before.

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