Saturday, December 19, 2009

Taking in a Kindram or two on the Rhinns of Galloway

Long after we left the Mull of Galloway, we were still surrounded by its "nine tides", which are woven by an old witch. As we were paddling in the last 3 hours of the ebb, we met a strong counter eddy running east from Port Kemin.

We now crossed Carrickamickie Bay and...

...entered the West Bay of Slauchmorrie.

Now we found ourselves under...

...the great rock walls...

...of the Nick of Kindram.

Talking of Kindrams, David looked like he had enjoyed one or two Kindrams the night before!


  1. I can't believe it! One or two drams the night before? Thats the understatement of the century! DOH Crawford said about the kayaking but I never believed him. Just as well there's no traffic cops on the open sea. Well done Dave! x

  2. Greetings anonymous!

    Phil drove Dave's car down to Galloway but he was worried he might become intoxicated just by breathing in the same car!

    Some say Dave is a kayaking god, whatever, his constitution and metabolism are not that of a mere mortal!

    It wasn't just kayaking it was extreme kayaking, not to mention extreme kindraming the night before!