Monday, December 07, 2009

Sannox Synchronicity: a day trip to Arran.

A day trip to Arran, a 30.7km paddle from Portencross and return by the Brodick/Ardrossan ferry. November 2009.

The approach to Glen Sannox on Arran from the Isle of Bute.

Dawn till dusk

A new dawn for Portencross castle

Queuing up the Clyde!

Crossing the bows of Dauntless

Sannox synchronicity

Approach to Sannox

Paddling under a cloud

A glimpse of winter sun

End of a winter's day on Arran

And then our boat came in, without chips!


  1. Hi Douglas,

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  2. Douglas,

    Wonderful pictures again - superbly atmospheric and proving that "perfect" conditions don't always make the best pictures.

    all the best


  3. Thanks Ian, it was a fabulous day and the clouds really added to it.