Saturday, December 05, 2009

A glimpse of winter sun

As we left the mountains of Arran behind the sun blinked through a gap in the clouds.

We basked in the low winter sunshine as we let the tide carry us round Merkland point.

The slight breeze faded away to nothing...

...and the clouds even lifted to reveal the snow covered summit of Arran's highest mountain, Goatfell, 874m.

The top of Goatfell was still catching the sun but at sea level the sun had already set. We now set off on our crossing of the broad expanse of Brodick Bay towards the ferry terminal at Brodick where we intended to catch the ferry back to Ayrshire.


  1. Thank you Bebedores, I see you like beer, so do we!


  2. Hi Douglas I would just like to say what a superb series of photos your Arran trip has produced! Also, I notice you have gone back to paddling your Quest. Have you given up on the Cetus did you not like it and are you going to do a review of it? I ask because I am thinking of getting one and would appreciate your thoughts.

    Cheers Alan

  3. I agree with Alan, Douglas, a Cetus review would be great, did you get the skeg fixed? Jim

    PS great photos!

  4. Thank you Alan and Jim. The Cetus is back with P&H the skeg system failed completely. I was sorry to see it go, apart from the skeg, there was much to like about it.

    Jim B, I assume you are not "Our Jim", in the photo at the top of this post!