Sunday, November 29, 2009

A new dawn for Portencross castle

After leaving two cars at Ardrossan ferry terminal, we drove 10km up the Ayrshire coast to Portencross.

It was high tide, so most of the evil, slippy rocks that characterise this shore were covered. Tony and Phil launched my kayak, then helped me into the cockpit. My recently injured knee was hurting, just at the sight of those rocks.

A lovely dawn light reflected on the little waves.

Soon we were on our way, paddling past Portencross castle, which is currently swathed in scaffolding. Centuries of weather and neglect had caused the castle walls to decay to a perilous state. It is now undergoing a restoration thanks to the Friends of Portencross Castle.


  1. What is the status of your knee now? All healed up? I am glad you have good friends who are willing to help you get out and about.

  2. Hello Peter, my knee is still very unstable and I fear I may need surgery in the New Year. Friends are what it is all about! :o)