Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Twilight, firelight and distant lantern light on Kiloran Bay.

The twilight stole round us...

as we gathered driftwood from the shore.

We soon had a fire going and it radiated a pool of warmth and light in which we stood. We greeted the gathering night with fine malt whisky. Then on the distant horizon (above the fire), a steady double flash announced the location of the Dubh Artach lighthouse.

It is situated on a lonely rock, some 29km WNW of Colonsay. It was completed in 1872 by David and Thomas Stevenson. They built the shore station on Erraid off the Ross of Mull. The light was automated in 1971 and its lantern flashes white, twice every 30 seconds.


  1. what a beautiful looking night. what more could you ask for a fine malt warm fire and friends. it dont get much better than that.

  2. Hi Alan, it was like living on a higher level....

  3. Beautiful shot of the fire - what were the settings for that photo Douglas? Just started trying some night photography - first couple of examples on my blog

  4. Hello Solent,

    I used ISO 6400, f/4 1/3sec hand held 17mm (on a full frame sensor). I usually take fire shots just after sunset and underexpose by two stops to make everything darker, but it was pretty dark when I took this so I did not use any exposure compensation.

  5. A wonderful set of images Douglas. The detail in the bonfire shot is amazing, especially when you consider it was captured with such a slow shutter speed and a very high iso.The noise reduction system on the D5 certainly works a treat, and so does your hand holding skills. The last time I used a setting of 6400 was with HP5film resulting in grain the size of golf balls !


  6. There's always something appealing about a sunset shot and never the same shot twice.

    Tony :-)

  7. ISO 6400!!!!

    My Pentax stops at 1600 or am I missing something?

  8. Tony, thank you :o)

    Solent, you are missing a Canon 5D mkII! :o)