Monday, October 12, 2009

A Swedish carry on but no Indian curry in on Colonsay.

We carried our camping gear up to the machair in Ikea Fracta bags.

There was a lovely golden light... we put the tents up.

David and I soon had dinner heating up our the Primus Eta Power stoves but Phil's meths Trangia was not producing much heat.

He left it in disgust and went off to phone for a carry out Curry. He was most distressed to learn that the Royal India do deliver to Colonsay Drive, Newton Mearns but not to Colonsay Island, Inner Hebrides! He has since bought a Primus Eta Express stove.

Sea kayaking campers have a lot to thank the Swedes for!


  1. Hi Douglas ~

    You have managed to capture some amazing pictures of this unique island. Your pictures of Kiloran Bay are fantastic. It really was a fabulous trip.

    You may be interested to know that I tested out the Eta Express on a recent solo paddle, and I am pleased to say that it produced a piping hot meal in minutes. Thanks for the recommendation, I am truly delighted with it. I am now looking forward to future trips, when I will be able to sample the delights of a sand-fly and midge curry. ;)

    Kind regards..


  2. Thank you Phil, have a look at the fireside shot posted on 14/10/2009 - ISO 6400!