Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A pineapple and a bottle of malt, on Oronsay!

David had been working right up until 7pm on the evening before we left for this trip. He had shopped, packed and arrived at my house at 630am the next morning, such is his dedication in attending Seakayakphoto.com outings. On top of that lack of sleep, his night on Oronsay had not been good either. So it was no surprise that he was last to rise. Being a habitual slow packer myself, it was with some smugness that I now leisurely watched him pack.

His varied rations included: lo sugar beans, fresh raspberries, smoked salmon slices, an exceedingly ripe Brie (that just about packed itself), a pineapple and finally, a bottle of a particularly fine malt whisky, a 12 year old Highland Park from Orkney.

Finally, we were all packed and shipshape. We were now ready for an exploration of the seas surrounding Oronsay!


  1. David has very good taste :-)

  2. Although it is not distilled on Islay, Highland Park from Orkney is a most palatable dram. I had stayed loyal to Islay and taken a favourite tipple, a 16 year old single cask Bowmore.