Sunday, August 02, 2009

A sunbeam on Balnagowan

Heavy squalls of rain were driving up Loch Linnhe and hiding the mountains of Appin.

Then a chink appeared in the grey clouds...

... and a beam of sunlight fell on Eilean Balnagowan. A flock of black headed gulls wheeled in the sky round the isle. Their wheeling wings flashed white against the gloomy grey of the mist shrouded mountains.

The distant mountains of Lochaber and the Corran Narrows were calling us on to the NE but first it was time to take luncheon on this lovely isle.


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  1. Please Help

    I just wanted to pass along some information to paddlers everywhere.

    NOAA has recently proposed to close the west side of San Juan Island to kayakers. If you are not familiar with San Juan Island the one place that commercial and public kayakers can safely launch in in the middle of the proposed closure zone.

    NOAA is using science that is inconclusive to pass regulations that will have a huge effect on our local economy and for all paddlers who desire the freedom to paddle the beautiful shoreline.

    I have more detailed information on my blog

    Pleas visit and follow the links to NOAAs proposal and to email address there to make a public comment.

    Please help keep our shoreline open.