Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Full Moon at Rumblekirn!

It was a full moon when we arrived at Fleet bay on the Solway Firth. That meant a spring tide and that gives access to all sorts of interesting places at high water!

My destination was "rumblekirn", an amazing rock formation, which I recently found. Here the vertically aligned strata of sedimentary greywacke (Hawick rocks) tell of enormous forces that compressed and distorted the Earth's crust in these parts. The name "rumblekirn" means "rumble churn" in Scots. I would certainly not relish being churned round in here at the height of a storm. Waves smash through the back of rumblekirn creating an enormous blowhole.



  1. Hi!

    Nice pics! Crystal clear water and a beautiful moon, no werewolves around?

  2. Nice shots Douglas. Must have been nice paddling under that moon.


  3. Hi Kayakr, not that I saw! Mind you wet fur on the palms is no good for paddling!

    Hello Stan, I do a fair bit of night paddling and always enjoy a full moon on the Solway, normally there, it is high tide about midnight with a full moon.

    I haven't seen it this year yet but usually, about August, you get amazing phosphorescence. Even the drips off your paddle explode with light as they fall back into the sea.