Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dark skies over Ardnamurchan

We crossed the Sound of Coll slowly but steadily. At last, the tower of Ardnamurchan lighthouse could be made out against the background of the hills and mountains behind. Above the land, dark clouds began to tower into the sky.

Ben Hiant (528m) is the distant hill to the left while the ridge to the right rises to Beinn na Seilg (344m)

As we approached the lighthouse the tidal current increased and our transit between the lighthouse...

...and the hills behind was soon lost. It did not really matter as we were aiming for the next headland to the north. We were nearly home!



  1. Hi!

    As usual, very nice photos.

    We are not used to the tide current in Sweden. What is the local difference between flood and ebb tide?

  2. Hello Kayakr, off Ardnamurchan the incoming flood tide runs north and the outgoing ebb tide runs south. You might expect that high water at Ardnamurchan would occur at the same time that the tidal flow changes from flood to ebb off the Point. However, HW happens about 50 minutes before the ebb starts.

    Complicated but it does add to the interest and challenge of paddling these waters!


  3. When there is a storm in the see first thing comes to our mind is the Light House as shown in the pics.


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