Sunday, June 07, 2009

A Solway sunset swim

After my visit to the stack and caves, I returned to the little beach below Meggerland Point. As I my way through the skerries, I floated over cobbles, which shimmered in the ripples of the crystal clear water.

I couldn't resist a second swim in this beautiful spot, as the sun sank gently to the west.

31/05/2009 pm


  1. I can understand you couldn't resist another swim. I can't even resist looking at the point of the boat that seems to float in the air without wanting to get out of this office asap. Not a good pic to watch on Friday afternoon.

  2. Doug, in image 9748 (first one in this post) you have your paddles attached to the perimeter lines with PVC (?) tubes.
    Any problems in rough water by waves catching the paddle shafts?
    If your system works I could simplify my way of storing paddles:

  3. Thank you Gerard!

    Gnarly, I have not had any problems in surf. The tubes are cut from empty cartridges for sealant guns. I somemetimes loop a bit of elastic round the paddle shafts and the decklines for additional security. See 7th photo down:

  4. Doug, can you please grant me permission for image 9748 to be included in my blog (item: Your version for paddle parks is simpler than anything else. Credit and link will be given to your blog.

  5. Gnarly feel free to use the photo! :o)