Monday, June 01, 2009

Feeling sorry for myself.

While Tony and Gavin are having great adventures sea kayaking round NW Scotland, I am stuck at home. Last night I had gone for a little 20km solo paddle down on the Solway at sunset.

Just as I took this photo, my phone rang. It was Tony calling from Naeve Island. He told me all about their adventures on the high seas round Cape Wrath and below Whitten Head. Despite being master of the understatement, he managed to cram "fantastic, superb and stunning" into one short sentence.

With Tony's words still in my ears, I drifted away with my thoughts on the ebb tide. Slowly the daylight slipped away and the sky turned to inky darkness. I felt really sorry for myself, just for a moment...



  1. Hello Douglas,

    Well i know that feeling. I have been spending lots of time on my preparation for a two month Kayak trip in Croatia's Adriatic...and only two weeks before departure i did fall down and not able to walk or bend my knee. So this is already over a month going on..i feel sorry for myself..only little longer than a moment.

    Anyway next time it will be better. So i am now goint to learn to play the guitar. So one day i can play the LonesomeBoatman from The Fureys...

  2. Cobber I wish your knee a speedy recovery and an enjoyable, if belated Adriatic trip.

    As to the guitar, I wish...