Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The basking sharks of Coll and Tiree

Just back from a 120km trip out to Coll and Tiree.

We went fishing...

duh,duh,duh, duh, duh...

...but quite quickly we packed our rods away.

A Cetus is quite a long sea kayak...

...and it took some time...

for these little fellows to pass beneath us.




  1. Doug, if you did not have street cred I would be yelling: fake.
    Bloody awesome!
    The sheer size of the fin on that puppy indicates that I would be staining my paddling shorts :-)
    Now, don't tell me that you just dunked the camera with your hands in front of the shark to get the those underwater pix...

  2. Very nice! I am jealous!

  3. Greetings Gnarly, yup I just stuck my hand in the water and waved the camera in sharkie's direction. I was careful to switch the flash off mind!

    Of course what you have to realize is that in Scotland it is the midges that have a worse bite than the sharks!

    Peter, thank you!