Sunday, May 17, 2009

Paradise found, on Mornish, Mull.

From Quinish we paddled SW across the mouth of Loch a' Chumhainn (Loch Cuin) and rounded Rhubha an Aird. The headlands on the north coast of Mull can be quite lively on a spring tide and we were not disappointed. As we explored further, we came across...

...this delightful cove which was hidden among the dark basalt cliffs and reefs of the Mornish coast.

This looked like an excellent spot to partake a second luncheon.

We made our way over white shell sands to the dunes at the back of the beach.

From here, the sea stretched away in shades of aquamarine, turquoise and finally ultramarine to distant Arnamurchan. Beyond the point, the islands of Muck, Rum Eigg and Skye crowded the horizon with soaring ridges. The lighthouse at Arnamurchan looked a long way away.

What a great spot this was to enjoy lunch with like minded friends. We felt we had escaped to Paradise!



  1. If your paradise was just a tad warmer then it trully be paradise in my book as well.
    Dang, you guys are tough to paddle in such frigid waters while here in the "middle of winter" we have to brave 24C waters:

  2. Greetings Gnarlydog.

    24 degrees!! Well we have now warmed up to a water temp of a toasty 10 degrees C. If our water was 24C we would have high rise hotels and discos and fish restuarants round every cove and it would be Paradise Lost!

    That is a truly great encounter with whales! What sort are they? Are they humpback whales?


  3. The whales that migrate from Antarctica to Hervey Bay are Humpback whales.
    I know what you mean by "Paradise Lost" since we have our own version of that ironically called Surfers Paradise.
    Fortunately the concentration of high rises is specific to that area while most of the coast of Australia remains a Paradise in its true meaning.
    Care for a visit? whales will be around again in August. No dry suit required, just sun block.

  4. Greetings Gnarly, I have a brother in Melbourne and a brother in law in Brisbane. A visit is overdue! :o)