Thursday, May 28, 2009

The lonely sea and the Skye

On Saturday which was the first day of the 9th Scottish Sea Kayaking Symposium on Skye, Jim Weir and I took of group of really nice folk out onto Loch Eishort on the north west of Skye's Sleat peninsula. At first the wind was a gusty force 4 southerly but the arrival of torrential rain soon killed the wind. The outline of Bla Bheinn, an outlier of the Cuillin ridge, can just be seen behind Nigel.

We launched at Ord and made our way east up the loch...

...past the delightful coral sands of Eilean Gaineamhach an Arda.

We were lucky enough to spot a pair of white tailed sea eagles. One of them had at least one faded orange or red wing tag.

The hills were running with torrents of water...

which poured over the beaches and into the loch.

I don't think anywhere does rain as well as Skye!



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  2. The picture of the coral sands is quite striking with the dark ominous sky and water. The sands look almost like a blemish or a tear in the picture. As usual great pictures!

    Tony :-)

  3. Hello John, good luck with your site.

    Tony thank you. That photo was taken with a 2mp Sony waterproof camera in pouring rain. The sands looked wonderful when we came round a corner and saw them. They were the only break in the greys on the land, sea and sky.