Thursday, April 30, 2009

Zen and the Art in Sea Kayaking



  1. Hi Douglas, Impressive rolling - very snappy! Actually I am looking for a waterproof camcorder for my kayak to record my big trip this August - please can you tell me what you were using there. The quality looks very good. Thanks - Nick

  2. Greetings Nick,

    That's a mighty fine video you have made about your big Moray Firth Crossing.

    What a coincidence we have both done recent big open crossings. Our crossing from Lendalfoot to Arran was 42km but we did have the luxury of a stop on Ailsa Craig! We have also both posted video on our blogs today!

    The camera I am using is a very simple GoPro Helmet Hero wide. You can see it mounted on deck in some of these shots and also see some results.. it also takes still photos every few seconds.

    It's not really a waterproof alternative to a video camera. It is something to take video/stills in extreme conditions but it has many compromises.

    With regard to the rolls, the first one gave me a reall ice cream head, I was stunned! In fact these "rolls" are probably what most people would recognise as a deep high brace!


  3. Hi Douglas:

    Great blog!

    On a technical note, are you using one of the 'sticky pads' that comes with the Hero camera? How reliable have you found it? I have one, but I haven't used it yet - I'd hate to lose the camera.

    Doug Steele

  4. Thanks Doug.

    Yes I am using the supplied elbow mount that clips into a plate secured by one of the sticky pads. During rescue practice, my daughter's kayak hit the camera but the pad did not budge. I do have a short line that I clip into the decklines.


  5. What, pray tell, are the white tubes on your perimeter lines? Cheers.

  6. Bollocks - I went to the link he posted to see the camera and mount, and got the answer to your question there (I was wondering the same thing). They are spare paddle holders.