Saturday, March 14, 2009

Watch out for stolen Rockpool sea kayak in UK!

Here is a message from Graham King. I hope the low life that did this get caught soon.

"Please keep an eye out for my boat, stolen from outside my tent at Sheerness (Isle of Sheppey) in the small hours of this morning. It is a Rockpool Alaw Bach, with the following distinctive features:

white hull, yellow deck with slight glitter; 1/2 inch hole in back deck just abaft the rear hatch, with cable from solar panel sikaflexed in; Silva 70une compass on foredeck; Two black velcro strips abreast of day hatch (for tow bag), with cam cleat and fairlead; SOLAS tape on hull near bow and stern; "Musequality" charity stickers and "" lettering on hull amidships.

Taken with the boat was a large quantity of kit, including:
Uniden Mystic VHF handset; GME MT410G Accusat GPS Personal Locator Beacon; Two Lendal paddles (four-piece carbon), including a set of Lendal wings with distinctive cream-coloured epoxy added protection to the tips; and much more stuff too numerous (and upsetting) to list. As you can see, the boat was set up for a major expedition in support of charity, for which I had been preparing for a long time. I was two days into a six month trip, and I'm just a tad upset!

Coastguard is aware of loss of VHF and PLB (EPIRB). Please report any sightings to Kent police on 01622 690690, quoting crime number CY-4422-09. Pictures will follow once I've worked out how."


  1. So that's a problem not only we have. In fact my friend Stan had his stolen a few years ago but an astute member of the club spotted it and he got his boat back.

    One word - scumbags.

    Tony :-)

  2. Douglas, thanks for acting on this. The boat and some kit was recovered at sea by some anglers on Sunday - someone had trollied it 200 metres, across a road, and over the sea wall to launch it!

    Alas, a lot of kit is still missing, including my buoyancy aid with VHF, PLB, prescription sunglasses, etc.

  3. It makes my blood boil... (Dutch expression perhaps). I hope they find this person too, and of course your gear. Your kayak was not damaged I hope?