Monday, March 02, 2009

The Rise and Rise of Lomo Man!

Something strange began to happen to our mild mannered friend Andy. He began to run around madly looking for a telephone box. Unfortunately there was none to be found on the machair of Pabaigh Mor

Giving up his quest, Andy began to grunt and his facial features contorted.

His whole body began to inflate in size and adopt a turgidity we had not seen before.

Then as his body grew ever more erect, first one arm...

...then the other sprang out into the unmistakable pose of LOMO MAN! Although he wore neither cape nor pants over his trousers, our friend Andy had now transformed into one of the most feared of all the SUPER HEROES!

LOMO MAN caught sight of the ocean and with a final snort, he was off...

.. and like a newly hatched turtle, his priapic figure made a beeline for the water.

At last he was at one with the Ocean and then (hushed David Attenborough voice) he began cooing! A disturbance in the water occurred, at first we couldn't see what was happening...

...and then LOMO MAN emerged with a mate!

When you next visit Pabaigh Mor, keep a sharp eye open for little Lomolettes!

Needless to say, Andy's Lomo dry suit proved to be completely water and air tight during the gruelling transformation from mild mannered kayaker to LOMO MAN!



  1. This is amazing! A rare sighting, surely. I am now going to have to experiment with my own latent superpowers. Behold the emergence of ... Palm Woman!


  2. Will the little ones have the same plummage as the parents,Douglas

  3. This one is great. I cant wait untill the Finnish Gulf is free of ice and I can reborn as UrsuitMan...

  4. I just wish I had had a video camera, it really was so funny. We were rolling around on the machair laughing our heads off!

  5. Douglas - i sighted two of these magnificent beasts in January just off the Co.Down coastline while out paddling , maybe members of the same "Pod" ? traveling around the UK coast ?.
    regards Danny N.Ireland

  6. Danny, I think increased sightings are due to Global warming. Just yesterday, while flying into Belfast City Airport, I am sure I spotted a pair in Belfast Lough!


  7. Absolutely brilliant! Couldn't stop laughing. On a serious note - couple of questions re: the lomo drysuits.

    Are they as good as they seem quality & price wise.

    How accurate are the size charts - I tend to buy items bigger than I need to allow for extra clothing etc underneath.

    Any feedback would be awesome.

  8. Hello Wideblueyonder, thank you! With regard to Lomo suits, I know 5people who have them all are delighted none leak. I know 7 people (including myself) who have Palm Stikine suits. All leak. Palm's customer service is very good, mine has been repaired 3 times FOC but it still leaks. My daughter's Stikine element which is little used started to leak out of warranty. Palm charged about 1/3 of the cost to fix it but it still leaks. Lomo suits are already sized to take account of clothing so I would take their advice about size.

  9. These Lomo creatures are certainly on the rise. Here in Orkney there is a definite spawning ground with numbers increasing from 1 to 5 during this winter alone! I think they are attracted by the year round cold water and stormy weather.

    On Saturday there was a pod of three travelling along in some strange craft along with what appeared to be purple palm and black chillcheater beasts. They kept falling out their craft before helping one another back in. I am sure it must have been some kind of mating ritual....

  10. Greetings Whimsical!

    It sounds like the breeding season starts much earlier in the Northern Isles than the Hebrides!!


  11. Thanks for the info on the Lomosuits Doug. Will investigate further - next thing on my 'kit-wishlist' :-)

  12. I have just shipped my (almost new) Renegade off to Lomo House, for a pressure test/sealing...

    There is a leak in the bum-area. :-(

    1. Hello Steen, sorry to hear that. Most friends with Lomo suits have not had trouble but Lomo are good at sorting things. I did hear that they have recently changed both the manufacturing factory and the supplier of laminate material due to problems. Let me know how you get on.