Saturday, March 07, 2009

Playing the reef of Bogha Dubh.

At the NE corner of Pabaigh Mor the reef of Bogha Dubh was being exposed by the ebb tide.

The incoming swell from the Atlantic was feeling the bottom for the first time and steepening in the outgoing tide from Loch Rog.

What a great place to play in the sun!



  1. This looks an interesting place to practice in fast moving water Douglas. We have a place where we practice in wind waves and if we get blown out of the boat, the prevailing wind blows us, at worst, onto the beach. Always good to practice and keep hips loose!

    Tony :-)

  2. Tony, the ebb current out of the Loch is only about 1.5 knots but a combination of a shallow reef and a prevailing wind against the ebb, jacks the incoming swell up.