Saturday, December 06, 2008

It really doesn't get much better....

All the recent talk about Ailsa Craig took us back to the Ayrshire coast. It really doesn't get much better than the mid winter sun setting behind Ailsa Craig. Of course we waited for the sunset in the comfort of the bar which is a mere 50m away!

This was 1 hour later. We still had 10km to get back to the car from the sunset. It was very dark and cold when we finally landed. Magical paddling!



  1. Douglas, these are wonderfully evocative photos. I can just imagine the chilly night gathering round you!

    I have really enjoyed your Ailsa Craig series. It is very inspirational to discover how much you can find out on a trip, just by keeping your eyes open!

    ATB Phil

  2. Douglas
    Looks like a really good trip, did you stay overnight on the island or manage it there and back in a day? I would like to visit but think 20+ miles in a day might be a bit much for me.

  3. Phil, thank you.

    Martin, I am talking about two trips currently. The one to Ailsa Craig was back in May. I had intended going out again this last weekend but I got up too late! We went paddling along the Ayrshire coast instead but we got great views of Ailsa Craig!

    On our May trip we went out and back in one day. Including circumnavigation it is 34km so it is best to do it in settled weather.