Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ailsa Craig lighthouse.

From the summit of Ailsa Craig we started our steep descent back to the lighthouse. At times it looked like we were about to walk over a precipice but the path always swung back onto more gentle slopes.

The castle and the lighthouse reappeared almost beneath our feet!

As we traversed the slope we could see huge blocks of granite piled at the top of the beach beyond the lighthouse (see next post).

The lighthouse was built by Thomas and David Stevenson in 1886. The light flashes white every 4 seconds. The lighthouse was automated in 1990 and the last keepers left.

This NLB plaque can be found in the courtyard. Unfortunately the former keepers' cottages and workshops are falling into dilapidation.


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  1. Had a great day also on Aisla Craig.An amazing Island.Surprisngly steep and hard to decend when the mist comes down.