Thursday, November 06, 2008

A meeting with Garnock Canoe Club in Culzean Bay.

Leaving Culzean we paddled across the broad expanse of Culzean Bay. Arran and the Holy Isle were clear on the western horizon....

.... and Turnberry Point and Ailsa Craig stood out to the south. However, our eyes were on the coast to the north. David was due to paddle south from Dunure to meet us.

Instead of a solitary David we met him with members of the Garnock Canoe Club: Duncan, Dave, Jim, Alison and Alison.

Duncan Winning OBE is a long standing member of the Garnock club which has a fine reputation for training its sea kayaking members. Gordon Brown is a former member and Richard Cree is another current member.

We had a good chat before we all paddled northwards, bound for Dunure.

Tony, David and I paddle this coast regularly but this is the first tme we have met anyone on the water! First we met Alan then the Garnock club! Sea kayaking in Scotland is a growing activity.



  1. There aren't any actual canoes in your picture, just kayaks... 8-)

    (remember - I'm American).

  2. My goodness... sounds like paddling space will soon be at a premium in Scotland! I'd better start making some plans while there's still some water left...

  3. Hello Peter, the Garnock Club do also paddle Canadian Canoes! There is a tradition on the Clyde of paddle sport clubs being called canoe clubs. The first was the Clyde Canoe Club which was founded in 1873. As you can see they paddled half decked canoes with sails and hell of a long paddles!

    Michael, it may be because I was extolling the virtues of this particular paddle at my photo talk at the recent Perth "Canoe" show! You will be most welcome.