Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A lunchtime Guinness and a quick shag!

We made surprisingly good time up the Sound of Islay. We knew we would easily arrive in Port Askaig in time to catch the ferry so we decided to stop for some lunch. We drew the kayaks up this remote and delightful beach. Our boots made satisfying crunching noises in the pebbles as the tides in the Sound of Islay swept by.

As the sun had crossed the yardarm, some 20 minutes past, it seemed appropriate to wash our sandwiches down with our favoured libation.

At the other end of the beach, the local shags remained unmoved by our presence as they squabbled among themselves for possession of the highest perch. One of the shags was much quicker than the others and always seemed to end up having ownership of the favoured ledge. This lovely spot, at the edge of the white capped waters of the Sound of Islay, is overlooked by the Paps of Jura, which heave towards the NE sky.



  1. Talking of Shags, wondered if you've ever come across one like mine....


  2. Greetings Richard, I have never seen anything like your leukistic shag. You are right, it does not appear to be an albino as there is some pigmentation.

    Fortunately we have never opend a can of leukistic Guinness!

  3. Douglas, Your title had me worried for a while there. Wondering if I had dosed off an missed something!

  4. Your kayaking is so nice. How can I go kayaking at your country.