Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Golden Eigg of Arisaig

Sunset is a magical time to be on the water. When the skies cleared there was a mad scramble for the kayaks... the rush to be on the water.... the sun set behind the distinctive outline of Eigg.



  1. Dear Mr Wilcox,in the 1930's my paretnts took me on a holiday to Arisaig shortly before we emigrated to Canada. A boatman took us to a wonderful beach where we fished and cooked fish on a fire. I wonder if it was the same beach of your visit? You cannot believe the memories your photographs have awakened after all these years. I never returned to Scotland in that time and now I doubt I will be ever be able to but I have been following your adventures in Scotland for a little time now.
    Thank you.
    Angus Cameron

  2. Hello Angus, it is very good to hear from you. I know quite a few Canadians visit here. Indeed Michael has recently visited Arisaig in Nova Scotia.

    I am sure that this was indeed the beach you visited. It is a truly magical spot. I am glad our visit has brought back happy memories of your early life in Scotland.

    Thank you.