Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mysterious Mirror of the Monachs

Long after the Monach Islands were abandoned by their inhabitants, fishermen from North Uist and other islands in the Outer Hebrides have returned to lay their lobster pots. They have built rough bothies like this one to stay temporarily on the islands.

As you can see, only the bare necessities of life make it this far. The hand of a woman is nowhere in sight.

But wait, what's that in the right corner? Why it's a full length mirror!! Every bothy should have one! I wonder what the well dressed lobster man is wearing this season?


  1. Looks exactly like the mirror I dumped a few weeks ago. One left in our attic by the former owners. Too ugly to have in the house, but too good to throw away - after all, the reflective surface still mostly works.

    Guess this is the same - a thrifty lobsterman refusing to throw away a perfectly good mirror.

  2. It must get awfully lonely in that wee shack, especially in the winter when the sheep are back on the Uists. You're never alone with a full-length mirror! Tony

  3. Hello Jan and Tony,

    There is much truth in both your posts!