Friday, June 20, 2008

The Monach Islands

The Monach Islands are little more than low dunes that are swept over by Atlantic storms. In the distance are the mountains of South Uist.

The whole area is fringed with reefs but Siolaigh is the most western of the more substantial isles. It is dominated by a large brick built lighthouse that has been disused since the 1940s.

Cuma anchored in the lagoon on the south side of Shibhinis and Ceann Ear.

We made our way along the south side of the islands.

We crossed Caolas Siolaigh still sheltered by offshore reefs but on rounding Siolaigh we were exposed to the full strength of the Atlantic swells.

Siolaigh was covered with a carpet of thrift. On the horizon we could just see the peaks of the St Kilda archipelago.



  1. Blake Lane Neil21/06/2008, 01:34

    Mr Wilcox,

    Your voyage to Uist is amazing. I look forward to all dispatches. Kayaking in Scotland is all I can think about now. (Kayaking Southern California seems pale by comparison now.) I pray that you kayak Barra soon. I'd like to live that experience through you.

    Keep up the good work!
    Best Regards,
    Blake Lane Neil

  2. Hello Blake, it is very good to hear from you. I think that the sea is always greener.... but we are lucky here!