Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Arrival at Loch Roag

The MV Cuma was due to leave for St Kilda on the afternoon of Saturday 31st May from Miavaig in Loch Roag on the west coast of Lewis. We were so excited that we did not want to miss the boat so we arrived on the Friday evening. We set off from Bhaltos to paddle round the many islands in the loch and find a camp site.

We paddled late into the summer night with an ever mounting sense of anticipation.



  1. Hi Douglas!
    Looks you are (were?) having a good time on St. Kilda. I am curious if you've met Gerard, Patrick and Nout on St. Kilda - 3 Dutch kayakers who intended to paddle from the Outer Herbrides to St. Kilda. Govert and I met Gerard in Oban a few days before they planned to do this big crossing.

  2. Beautiful. We kayaked from Kneep in early March - rather different!



  3. Hans, I am glad you had a good trip to the West Coast. No we saw no other paddlers at St Kilda and the warden did not mention that any kayakers hads been there. We paddled round Hirta on 2nd June and explored it on foot on 3ed June. I have to emphasise that we took the MV Cuma out, it's a very long way!

    Tom its' a lovely spot. I was last there in October when, as you say, it was very different.