Tuesday, May 13, 2008

U2 can Bono Rock

U2 can Bono Rock in the Sound of Luing, if you have a sea kayak!

But you had better look for it 750m to the NE of where the chart says it is!


  1. That's fantastic!

    David J.

  2. Douglas - looks like excellent weather you had there.

    The change to Bono Rock buoy ,presumably an anglicisation of Bogha Nuadh, was promulgated via a Notice to Mariners shown below.

    NOTICE TO MARINERS (No 5 of 2008) SCOTLAND WEST COAST BONO ROCK Latitude: 56° 16.232' North Longitude: 005° 40.980' West WGS 84 Datum. WGS 84 Datum Northern Lighthouse Board Edinburgh, 11 February 2008 REPOSITIONING OF BUOY STATION: Mariners are advised that, with immediate effect, the IALA Category 3 Bono Rock buoy station has been re-established in the following position Location: Latitude 56° 16.490 ’ North (approx.) Longitude 005° 40.500 ’ West (approx.) Character : Group Flash (4) Red every 12 seconds Colour : Red Description of Structure : Port Hand Lateral Buoy

    The explanation given by the by the NLB for the move was that;

    "The buoy in question was subject (as with all our Aids to navigation) to review which considered its applicability for general navigation and passage. The buoy previously lay inside the red sector of Fladda light and was considered to potentially indicate safe passage for larger vessels over a still relatively shallow 4.3m patch It has therefore been moved to its new position on the edge of the white sector of Fladda light to indicate a safe route for vessels of all sizes capable of using the route. This change was promulgated as normal via the Notice to Mariners system and has appeared as a chart correction. "


  3. Thanks David, couldn't resist it!

    Thank you Keith, I got a new chart dated Jan 2008, it just shows you need to check vey regularly for updates! At least the GPS told us where we really were!