Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunshine and shade on Jersey

Midday sun at Greve de Lecq, Jersey, Channel Islands

We lost count of the huge caves to the east of the cove.


  1. Did you people bring your boats along, and if so, how did you do it? I understand airlines are getting more and more picky about carrying boats, even sectionals... You'd think they'd pick on golf bags instead. They're full of clubs!

  2. As a jersey local I can tell you that most of these people came in their own cars by ferry !!! St Catherines breakwater carparks were all full of them :-)

    At least this year the Lifeboat was not needed!

    And the weather picked up on Sunday :-)

  3. Beaches - oooh,
    Caves - ahhh,

    yet more amazing photographs!

  4. Michael and Phil, yes we took the ferry but it was a 3 hour crossing and the drive from Glasgow to the terminal was 10 hours!

    As Phil says the weather was very mixed I got both sunburned and soaked!

    Thanks Alison, Jersey has an amazingly varied coast line.