Friday, May 23, 2008

Little Greve de Lecq, Jersey

The 9th Jersey Sea Kayak symposium starts tomorrow. It is hosted by the Jersey canoe club.

Jersey has a stunning coastline. This beach can only be reached by boat or by some serious coasteering involving climbing, swimming and caving!



  1. Looks like a beach where "Two Thousand Acres of Sky" was filmed - the scene in which Kenny died. Or I'm wrong? :)

  2. Is this Jersey in Channel?

    Question 2: Douglas - did you ever review the Aquanaut LV?

  3. Hello Vanya, I did not see that episode but most of the filming of 2000 Acres of Sky was done round Port Logan in Galloway.

    Alison this is Jersey in the Channel Islands. I have tested the Aquanaut and the Aquanaut RM which is thje slightly smaller poly version similar to the Aquanaut LV. I liked them both. If you can wait a bit I will post these reviews.

  4. Douglas, of course I can wait - look forward to your reviews on the Aquanaut. Am currently in central Canada - homesick for the sea already!

  5. Alison central Canada sounds a long way from the sea.