Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A camp by the Dogs.

After unloading the kayaks...

We set up camp and climbed the hill behind the beach where we glimpsed tomorrows destination, the Garvellachs on the horizon.

Looking the other way we caught sight of the Grey Dogs tidal race on full flood. That standing wave is about eight feet high.

The tide fair rips through the gap at over 22km/hr.


  1. That looks like one hell of a wave. Did you guys try to ride it?

  2. Peter sometimes the Dogs generate smooth surfable waves but other times you just get random unstable peaks. 12 hours later, the next morning, it was still flooding and we worked our way up the eddy. Tony went down backwards, facing upstream trying to catch a wave. He did not recommend it so I just battered downstream face first with loads of braces. It certainly woke us up!

  3. Possibly the worst campsite in Argyll- Green slippery rocks for the landing, uneven rocky ground for camping on- not to mention the midgie and tick infested bracken. Not recommended. Should have stopped off on Lunga or the black Isles..Tony

  4. Tony you are so right,

    My knee is still sore from falling with the loaded kauyaks on those evil green slimy boulders and you did not mention the slimy smell, my back is still sore from the lumps that came through the thermarest, my shoulder is still sore after carrying firewood for miles, and my arms and legs are covered in lumps from tick bites, the midges were hell, I pocked my foot through my tent seam as I kept slipping down hill on the slope,

    Luinga and black islands are also midge infested damp holes.

    At least the company and whisky were good.

    The caravan site on Luing overlooking the cuan sound is recommended, nae midge can get through sheet aluminium.

  5. Hello Douglas I have never fancied Scarba, Lunga or the Black Islands to camp. I have often camped on the Garvellachs near the monastery and also on Seil which has great sunsets.
    Cheers Alan

  6. Hello Alan have you come across the ghosts on the Garvellachs? Yes there are some good sites on Seil.