Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Misty Maidens morning

A cold thick mist lay low over the Ayrshire coastline on Sunday morning. As we arrived at Maidens the sun began to break through.

By the time we were on the water, the mist had all but dispersed and we were in for another glorious day.



  1. Hi Douglas
    A wee belter of a day today - over the other side of the Irish sea for a change , Northern Ireland's turn for some good weather and good paddling.
    We cant have you lads hog all the sunshine ,ps good to see the old Guinness is still being "defrothed". regards Danny B.K.C.

  2. Douglas you have some of the nicest kayaking pictures for sure but you sure have a mastery for pictures of sky and sun. Always good to tune in.


  3. Oh Yes, it must be nice to get sun?


  4. Hi Danny , I saw the photos on your blog, nice! Those thunderclouds were right over the University tower in Glasgow and it got hit and made the BBC Scotland news!

    It is our aim to cause considerable defrothing of Guiness!

    Stan I hope that this is not our whole summer! Last year we had a nice April and that was it! I like your berg photos on your blog!