Thursday, February 07, 2008

The tidal anomaly of the third castle of Carrick.

Paddling north from Culzean Bay we rounded a headland and found ourselves under the grim walls of Dunure castle. This is the third castle on our "Four Castles" tour. As Scottish castles were built by people who did not particularly like their neighbours, they are separated by respectable distances and, as a result, we were by now feeling both tired and thirsty.

We decided to cheer ourselves by taking a short break.

Despite the fact we ran all the way back from the pub, we were somewhat surprised to discover just how far the tide had gone out. We could only conclude that there is either a previously unreported tidal anomaly in the Clyde or a localised warp in the space time continuum!


  1. Ack - mention of a pub! Gotta watch that or the BCU minders will be a calling.

  2. Then again keeping sufficiently hydrated is a serious matter, even for the venerable BCU minders!

  3. Peter and Michael, thank you for your support. I am sure the gentleman is not typical of all BCU members (although he informed me that was a very long standing member). I am a member of the SCA (Scottish Canoe Association), which I believe makes me a BCU member, albeit one with no stars!!