Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hand dived scallops of Harris.

It was quite windy in Loch Reasort, a deep sea loch on the west coast of Harris in the Outer Hebrides. It was perhaps a little too breezy for sea kayaking.

So we went for a walk...

....while the divers went... diving in nearby Loch Tamnabhaigh.

They brought up a good haul of hand dived scallops. Recently StuartA commented "Maybe for hand-caught scallops? Yum!"

There is a worrying number of bits and pieces in there...

... but as Stuart said, Yum! (This photo Mike Marshall.)



  1. Re: top photo.

    Au contraire, I find rolling around in such conditions a refreshing way to spend a day :o)

    Did you eat your scallops raw? Have you tried guga & tatties yet Douglas?

  2. Wonderfl images, as always. Keep them coming. You are helping me through the winter.

  3. Greetings Si! The top photo... At the time Stornoway airport was reading 55mph. Even with the fishing boat doing 12 knots down wind, our anenometer was gusting to 70knots!

    The scallops were baked for just the right time and no, guga is a treat in store!

    Silbs thank you. I am honoured to be of some assistance!


  4. 70 knots could have your hat off.