Saturday, February 23, 2008

End of a Mull of Galloway day.

We continued eastwards along the Mull of Galloway and came to a huge cave.

As we left the cavern in the gathering twilight, we caught sight of a waxing gibbous moon.

That reminded me of a total eclipse of the moon that was due at 3am on 21/02/2008. Since I had already got a great view and some photos on the last eclipse at 23:20 03/03/2007, I decided to give this one a miss!

Rounding the Mull of Galloway we encountered a brisk eddy which impeded our progress towards East Tarbert.

The chill February air caught our breath as the sun sank below Tarbert leaving us in darkness.

I have said this before, but you should come and paddle this amazing coast before the crowds come!



  1. Enjoyed the images, as usual. The shots the past several posts of those ice-free launch sites are making me drool. It may, however, just be old age.

  2. Silbs, thank you.

    As the years have passed by, I have found some paper handkerchiefs to be almost indispensable in coping with life's little difficulties.