Monday, December 24, 2007

"A weekend at the races." Ocean Paddler # 6.

Issue six of the renowned sea kayaking organ, Ocean Paddler, carries an article entitled "A weekend at the races." It was composed by myself and carries a selection of photographs like the one above. In it Tony is contemplating on the view from Lunga across Eilean Dubh Mor to the distant mountains of Mull beyond. Rich Parkin and the editorial team chose several accompanying photographs. All depict scenes of calm waters and serenity amongst the islands of Lorn. Regular readers of Ocean Paddler will realize that my articles complement tales of great circumnavigations and crossings that some sea kayakers would rather only read about. My articles are designed to inspire average recreational paddlers to get out and explore their local waters. As a result, the choice of photos in the articles tend to show calm seas and blue skies!

However, these are the pictures that Rich, the editor, would rather you did not see! Do not be fooled by photographs like the above, the Grey Dogs can bite!

The Grey Dogs, two hours into a spring flood tide.

The race extends about two miles out to sea.

A 22m RIB shows the scale of the standing waves.



  1. The gray dogs can bite, so people should prepare themselves for it. Stay ashore and look at the spectacle, or go into it and know what you are doing, at the right time!

    The magazine is also publishing about "rough water paddling", so your nice action photo's can be part of your article as well.

    And the's nice to have a pint of Guinness in your hand and look at the jockeys. or the gray dogs, or was it the grey hounds.
    sorry, to much porter.

  2. Thank you Jörgen :o) We certainly "went to the dogs" that weekend. No Guinness was consumed due the availability of the local Grey Dogs strong ale. That really did have a bite!