Sunday, December 02, 2007

Picture problem in Blogger

Since November 30th there has been a problem with the way Blogger displays large pictures when you click on the small picture embedded in the Blog page. Blogger are aware of the issue and Blog authors can fix it by editing the html references to each picture on each page. If you have your own Blog, the explanation of how to do so is here.

I have now fixed my pages of 30/11 and 1/12 and I hope the Blogger team will have the issue resolved soon.


  1. You could move to wordpress. The import feature brings everything over pretty well and you will have more flexibility. You can even track stats.

  2. Thank you Brad, this blog started out on Wordpress and I moved it to Blogger after some problems with the number and size of photos on the Wordpress server.

    I think I will sit this bug out, a friend moved from Blogger to Wordpress and was generally very pleased with how easy the process was however, he lost all the html links in the move. I have a lot linking to maps etc and I would rather not redo them!


  3. I have been using Flickr to post my photos, rather than the Blogger photo process. Flickr resizes the photos for me, but I do have to code the HTML for the pictures by hand.

  4. Hi Peter, Flickr is very impressive I do have an account but have not posted many photos. Blogger seems to be back to normal.