Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Last supper on Mull

Mike had caught more mackerel and we enjoyed our last meal together on Mull here on the beautiful sands of Traigh Gheal, on Erraid. David demonstrates the size of the one that got away from his hook.

For the last time we carried the boats up Fidden beach. This was almost the first time that we had to carry boats from the low water mark. Up until now our daily schedule had been dictated by the tides and we tried to launch and land round high water. However, a new force was gradually reentering our lives, which was even greater than the force of the tide. Some know it as the "daily grind" and for us it was embodied by the Calmac ferry timetable...

The MV Isle of Mull docked punctually at Craignure and our expedition to Mull was all but over.


I have now been posting about our Mull trip since 20/7/2007. I hope you have enjoyed this virtual paddle with us and that, if you are able, you will one day paddle on these amazing waters yourself. :o)


  1. You sure know how to make us pine for the Scottish waters :-)

  2. Consider me booked for an early passage... I'm off to see my banker first thing in the morning!

  3. René I must warn you that Scotland is not as hot as Sardinia!

    Michael you will be most welcome, I do hope you will not be disappointed.


  4. Douglas, it doesn't have to be hot, as long as it is hospitable :-)