Friday, December 21, 2007

Has the sun finally set on a fantastic 2007 paddling year?

Today, on the shortest day of the year, I left the house in darkness and freezing fog at 8am. The temperature was -10.5C . I returned in darkness at 6pm when the temperature was a heady -7C.

Despite the cold, David, Tony and I enjoyed a fantastic paddle, rockhopping along the wild and remote Ayrshire coast which lies to the SW of the huge shingle and cobble beach of Ballantrae.

The temperature dropped like a stone as the sun set.

Maybe this was the final paddle of the year, maybe not! :o)



  1. True, there's not many days left of this old year, but with some luck, I'm sure you'll get out again. I certainly hope to get several more days in myself. But, you're right about the year having been a good one for paddlers. My visit to Newfoundland was totally wonderful, both for the scenery, and especially for the warmth of the people I paddled with. A very special place, I'd encourage you to visit! All the best for the coming year!

  2. It just means that there will soon be a new, fresh year in which to paddle and make more of those wonderful images. Cheers.